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  • Maria and baby Tomas

    Maria and baby Tomas

    When Maria began her walk to America, she didn’t know she was pregnant. She fled Venezuela after her husband was arrested and taken to jail.

  • Ibrahim


    Ibrahim has the face of a thirty year-old man, but his lanky teenager’s body betrays his age. At 19, he’s a combat hardened soldier in the Sudanese RDF.

  • Celeste & Esther

    Celeste & Esther

    Celeste keeps an arm around her Esther, her nine year-old daughter, as she warily surveils the people around them. The makeshift migrant camp outside Juarez is bad, but she has seen worse.

  • Guillermo


    At 31, Guillermo has worked as a landscaper more than half his life. He came illegally from Mexico with his father when he was fifteen and the two of them worked on landscaping crews that asked no questions. When he was nineteen, Guillermo started his own landscaping business, Flores Hermosa. He has since married and…