What we do

Hope 4 Humanity is a community
dedicated to three bedrock truths:

Every.body counts
Every.body is somebody with something to give
Every.body is needed in the world

These three convictions
add up to HOPE.


Confront False Narratives

Confronting false narratives about oppressed people through storytelling, relationship building and education so that we can show folks that there is hope to solve inhumane and unjust systems.

“Don’t confuse me with the facts, I have a closed mind.”

— Earl Landgrebe, Congressman from Indiana in 1973, the day before President Richard Nixon resigned.

How well do you know the
reality of migrants?

Disrupt Unjust Systems

  • Advocate with legislators
  • Educate others about unjust systems
  • Facilitate advocacy events and trips to lobby legislators
  • Serve as a court navigator for domestic violence victims

Build Strong Relationships

  • Develop relationships with marginalized persons:
  • Pilgrimages to the US/Mexico border
  • Partnerships with marginalized people through organizations and groups 

Humanize the Dehumanized

  • Encourage others to witness to unjust systems
  • Help others to love beyond borders
  • Facilitate study groups
  • In-person pilgrimages to the US/MX border
  • In-person and virtual workshops and presentations
  • Partner with other organizations who are allies for affected groups

Advocate for Human Rights

  • We advocate to change unjust systems, increase voter engagement, show that having voice matters, and that we can provide hope in oppressive situations.

Why we do it?

We are people dedicated to giving hope to persons living in hopeless conditions, like migrants stuck at the southern border of the United States, Native Americans mired in generational poverty and addictions, people caught up in the vicious cycle of domestic violence… We believe hope can change the world… their worlds.