Who we are

We are people who believe in the power of hope for all humanity. Hope is what makes us human. The truth that hope is given to us by others we can trust is what makes us a community. At Hope for Humanity we focus our energies on people who live in hopeless conditions. Those who have left everything behind and walked thousands of miles with the few things they own in search of hope. They have come from all over the globe to the borders of the US to make a new life for themselves. Instead of hope, they find themselves and their families stuck in hopeless situations, unable to enter the U.S., living in dangerous makeshift conditions, victims of cruel cartels.

Know the team

Lisa Bachman

Lisa is a life-long follower of Jesus who is compelled to live her life as Jesus taught us by being the church in the world, loving God and loving neighbor. As a Deaconess in the United Methodist Church, Lisa is called to disrupt unjust systems. Lisa is retired and lives in Hillsborough, NC with her husband of 40 years.

Karen Cheek

Karen is a Christian whose mission in life is to share the love of God with everyone she meets. As a Deaconess in the United Methodist Church, Karen works as an advocate and supportive presence for oppressed persons, especially victims of domestic abuse. Karen is retired and lives with her husband in Graham, NC.

Sharon Brignon

Sharon is a life-long learner and teacher who believes Jesus sets high standards for humankind to live in this world. She believes in food-security and good nutrition for all God’s people as they grow emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She is called to justice for the oppressed.

Dr. Guy Brewer

Guy identifies as a disciple of Jesus. He has spent his entire adult life in reconciliation and justice work, focused on people who struggle with addictions and mental illness. Guy is Professor Emeritus at Anderson University and a retired UMC minister.

Ivy Parker

Ivy is called to bring healing and wholeness in others, while equipping persons to live into their gifts, passions, and purpose.

How it all began

On an ordinary day in June 2019, three friends got together to share their heartbreak about the latest news from the southern border. Little kids were being separated from their parents and locked up like common criminals. Could this be true in the land of the free and the home of the brave? We decided at that moment to go see for ourselves. It was worse than what we could have ever imagined. Thousands of people were forced to live like animals at the mercy of brutal cartels. No clean water. Stuck with using rancid porta potties, wondering day-to-day if they would be kidnapped or raped. We could not unsee this dehumanizing tragedy and knew we must do something. 

But what could we do in the face of this overwhelming situation? Not very much alone, but with a community of compassionate people there was hope.

We started with two messages we wanted to give migrants at the southern border:

You are not alone. Somebody cares.

Suggestion for prayer

God who is Father and Mother to us all

Give us the heart to stand with strangers in need of friendship

Give us hands to help those in desperate need of the bread of kindness

Give us the spine to speak out against unjust laws and policies that promote racial prejudice and mistreatment of immigrant persons

Give us strong knees to pray in repentance of our own prejudices and for a new heart full of love

Give us the Spirit of Christ to unite us in our common calling of peace with justice

Give us Hope for Humanity.